bq Aquaris E10 - WiFi Only

$ 299.99

bq's goal is that what appears on your screen is totally lifelike, as if you were seeing it in front of you. To achieve this, bq has used the OGS (One Glass Solution) full lamination technique which eliminates the space between the glass and the screen, offering a closer, more realistic sensation: you can almost feel it. The result is a thin, bright, sharp and highly realistic Full HD screen which, thanks to IPS technology, is visible from any angle (178°). The Aquaris E10 screen is highly resistant thanks to Dragontrail, a robust alkali-aluminosilicate sheet that protects against impact and scratches.

Power means that the 8 cores of the MediaTek Octa Core Cortex A7 processor, with up to 1.7 GHz, enable you to run resource-hungry apps or stream videos. Intelligence means that the device consumes less processing power for activities that don´t require high performance, so only the necessary resources are used and battery usage is optimised.

The screen is the key focus of the Aquaris E10 design. bq has reduced the frame to a minimum in order to let it shine. It also includes an anti-fingerprint coating to keep it looking absolutely spotless.

Barely 9mm wide and extremely light, yet highly resistant. To achieve this, bq selected a magnesium and aluminum alloy structure to make it light but extremely robust.

Great design is not just about the aesthetics. A great design focuses on the details, giving priority to ergonomics, comfort and the user experience. bq's UX team has designed the Aquaris E10 with the speakers located on the sides rather than the back to enable sound propagation when the device is flat against a surface. The buttons have also been located on the left side, so you can access them while holding the tablet.

  • Turn the display on and off simple by double-tapping the screen.
  • You can add, remove and rearrange the quick settings menu.
  • Advanced configuration of the notification LED.
  • Capture the beauty around you with the 8 Mpx rear camera with dual flash and autofocus, four 1/4" lenses and Full HD video resolution.
    Thanks to MHL technology, you can play content stored on your Aquaris E10 in real time on any TV screen.
  • Experience spectacular surround sound thanks to Dolby technology. Listen to low frequencies and hear dialogues with total clarity. Adapt the different audio profiles to whatever you´re doing and adjust the volume to your liking. All this with no distortion.
  • 16 GB internal memory that you can easily extend with a up to 32 GB with a MicroSD if you need more space for your movies, videos, images or apps.
  • A 10.1” Full HD IPS screen and an Octa Core processor demand a battery up that´s to the task and will enable you to enjoy your tablet for hours, but without altering the dimensions or lightness. In other words, an 8680 mAh battery.